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Frequent questions

Hello dear users, sometimes we enter a portal and, we do not know what we can do in it, well where you are, as a visitor you will be able to see photographs, videos, audios and vectors and, as a registered user

We begin to explain ourselves.

How do I register?

How do i manage my panel?

How do I publish my files?

Model configuration?

How do I buy an image?


How do I register?

  1. Access if you are already registered, "Client Area"

  1. "Register", if you click on the link you will open a registration form:

  2. It asks you to accept the conditions

  3. Once they are accepted, you go to a new stage and fill in the form,

  4. The sections highlighted in bold are required



How do I manage my panel?


Once registered and when accessing your account, the system takes you directly to your user panel and, once inside, you will see all your options


By registering you have access to buy, sell or as an affiliate:

In the central panel you also have additional information and, at the bottom of the page you will see links to upload documents, these are to justify that you are a professional, upload only if the administrator demands it, at the moment it is not mandatory, but it is not ruled out let it be in the future.


How do I publish my files?

To publish your files you do not necessarily have to be a photographer, but the administrator reserves the right to request the supporting documents.

Upload files, there are different ways to upload files:

  1. Dropzone photo uploader, you can upload several at once, including keywords

  2. Simple upload, as the name suggests is one at a time.

  3. Plupload photo uploader, you can upload multiple, but you can't post the keywords

  4. Upload vector, to publish vectors, very complete

  5. Create categories, here you can create your own categories.

To start once the upload screen is open, you will see that the maximum per file is X MB, it is also important that once you have selected Image / s, you continue with the ones from more sections, continue along the top row, “Price , Impressions, categories, configuration, models, if you have them (you have to create them before), Google map, if you are interested in knowing the place of the shot, etc.

In the categories there is one for Adults, but, despite this, images in which appear people or animals that suffer aggression from others are not allowed, if naked or semi-naked are allowed, as long as there is conformity of the model, as explained in the following paragraph.


Model configuration

(The configuration of models is so that, in the event of a person or private place, you have the agreement of the same to publish the image, if you do not do so, the administrator is not responsible and, in case of claim of a model , place or others, the administrator can delete the images with a simple notice to the photographer selling the image)

There is a file uploader called "Dropzone Photo Uploader" with this you can upload more than one image and you can also put a description and keywords.


How do I buy an image:

  1. First you have to locate the image you need, you can search by words, places, categories, on the map, etc.

  2. Once the image is located, you will see the sizes and prices, also the conditions, if any.

  3. In the prices there are several possibilities, free, standard, extended, exclusive, packages, collections, etc.

  4. There is also, in some cases, the possibility of printing the image, you will see how the photograph is on the selected surface, the possibility of printing does not always exist.

We will continue to inform.