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Privacy Policy

    The portal "Tudo.es" has a total privacy policy, at no time will it use the data of users or photographers for our profit or that of third parties, it will not provide the information or the Emails provided by the users, at the time of the registration, to any company, person or advertising agency and, if in any case it had to do so, it would be with the prior consent of Messrs. users.

The data that users provided at the time of registration can be changed at any time by the interested parties themselves without prior notice to the administrator, all this will be reflected in the portal's FAQ.

Maella May 2021


Terms and Conditions

   To publish images, videos, audio or vectors on this portal, you have to accept these simple conditions that are explained below:

    1º The images or multimedia files must be owned by the user or have the permission of the author or authors, otherwise the user who publishes the file will be solely responsible for the laws that the true author demands from the publishing user.
    2º The published images will have to comply with the following standards in order not to err the sensitivity of the visitors of the portal
    3º Hate or violence may not be expressed in any of its expressions, it may not violate the honor of people.
    4º Photographs, videos or images in general that incite the mistreatment of people or animals may not be published.
    5º The images or scenes of sex or similar cannot be published in such a way that all users can see or download it, but if it can be published if it is protected with the appropriate password at the time of publication, said password will be sent to the user interested in the visibility of said files.

  To end the terms and conditions of the portal, the administrator says that he will not be responsible for any litigation that users or photographers registered in it have with other people for the publication of a multimedia file on the portal, Likewise, the administrator reserves the right to review the published images and delete them if necessary without prior notice when publishing.


The administrator

Maella May 2021